Wasteless developed an interesting solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to reduce food waste; their algorithm in fact calculates the optimal discount of fresh products as the expiration date gets closer. Full price for longer expiring products, or discounted for those expiring sooner? Thanks to Wasteless, that’s now a customers’ choice.

The value proposition
“Cutting down food waste in supermarkets by almost 90% while pushing profits was only part of our success in Europe and the US. Most importantly, we made retailers understand that technology enables a shopping experience that today’s customers are looking for, especially when it has a sustainable impact such as avoiding food being wasted.” says Tomas Pasqualini, Head of Global Operations.

Founded in 2017, Wasteless is helping supermarkets and the planet fight one of their biggest problems — food waste.

Wasteless provides an all-in-one solution to reduce food waste and increase perishable food profit by dynamically pricing items with a shorter expiration date at their optimal price point.

The company has offices in New York, Tel Aviv, London and Amsterdam, with operations throughout Europe and US.

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