Business and Startup Incubator

We support startups and new entrepreneurs with innovative high potential ideas with holistic pre-incubation and incubation services including

  • Co-working space – we offer a co-working space in our facilities as a meeting point of ideas and people

  • Virtual Incubation – Unique e-services for startups and entrepreneurs participating in our Hub

  • Full service package – including free access to our mentoring, coaching and training services

  • Visibility – through participation in startup fairs, competitions and communities in Albania and abroad

  • Business Support Services – through an expert network including professional administrative, tax and legal support


Our Acceleration program supports groups of individuals with innovative ideas, at the early stage of their investigation or development. It helps participants mature their ideas in a short period of time, and discover a financially viable and scalable business model that will allow them to grow, as startup businesses, in large markets.

  • Mentoring – One to one mentoring from our International Mentors Network to define, refine and develop your business idea into a viable product

  • Coaching – Professional assistance from experienced professionals including Management, Marketing, HR, Innovation and Research, Promotion, Branding and IPR

  • Access to funding for startups  – Through our investors networks including business angels, venture capital funds, State Agencies, EU for Innovation in Albania, EBRD, COSME, etc.

  • Maximum Visibility – through local or international participation of our Hub members in startup competitions in Albania and abroad

Training Academy

We offer dedicated and professional training services for entrepreneurs, startups and individuals including

  • Basic Entrepreneurial Skills – Training on methodological tools for business model discovery (Lean Startup Methodology) and basic skills like financial planning, resource management, logistics, etc.
  • Basic Marketing Skills – Training on methodological tools for marketing strategy development, branding, pricing models, digital marketing, social media, e-shop creation and management, etc.

  • Human Resources Management – Training for HR Administration, Planning, Skills Acquisition and Management, Interviewing skills, Job Analysis and Job Description Techniques including inspirational topics

  • Presentation Skills and Pitching – Inspirational Living Laboratories applying the top methodologies for pitching your idea, present your business or product to clients, talk to public and investors, etc.

  • Innovation and Intellectual Property – Learn how to create, drive and support research and innovation inside your company/organization and how to manage your Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Brands and Designs

Funding Support

We support for free the members of our Hub to apply and gain funding from all potential sources in Albania and abroad

  • Funding newsletter – Our staff informs the Innovation Hub members and entrepreneurs of the region for any funding opportunities, startup fair, competitions

  • Grants and EU Funds – Consulting services for preparing your application for national Grants and EU funding

  • Investor’s Days – Organization of periodical events and information days with funding agencies, business angels, venture capital funds, banks, etc.

  • Hackathons and Bootcamps – Organization of local startup competitions with prizes for new entrepreneurs and teams